Gerakan urges more attention towards problems faced by Tamil schools Kohilan: It is important to lift the lives of Indian community and further catalyst social progress for overall Malaysian society

Press statement by

Gerakan Vice-President

Datuk A. Kohilan Pillay

13 February 2014

Gerakan vice-president, Datuk A. Kohilan Pillay has urged the government to pay immediate and due attention to the problems faced byTamil schools. He stressed that Tamil schools have been a part of Malaysia education system and the well-being of the school is crucial in lifting the lives of Indian community and to catalyze positive social progress for overall Malaysian society.


Kohilan said that Tamil schools are facing numerous problems such as lack of funding and teachers among others. He said that gangsterism and criminal elements might have sipped into certain schools, influencing its students. Such inaction by the government to curtail the problem will only allow the problem to escalate.


He added that high drop-out rate among students possessed another challenge to overcome as many of its students are from a poor background hence might not have the financial capability and are more interested in earning a living.


“One of the most common problem faced by Tamil schools is the lack of teachers coupled by the inability to master the English and Tamil language. This caused a major disadvantage for students upon completing their secondary education.”


Kohilan added that Gerakan as a multiracial party is in fact has been actively pursuing the interests of all streams of education. He also reminded that it is the inalienable responsibility of the government to provide assistance to all schools apart from the much needed assistance to Tamil schools. 




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