Gerakan condemns Perkasa’s views that regard vernacular education as a stumbling bloc to integration. Dominic Lau Hoe Chai: Perkasa’s statements only serve to spread distrust and misunderstanding between races

Press statement by

Gerakan Vice President cum Central Publicity & New Media Bureau Chairman

Dr. Dominic Lau Hoe Chai

13 February 2014

Gerakan vice-president Dr. Dominic Lau Hoe Chai condemned the recent claims by Perkasa that blamed vernacular schools as a stumbling bloc to racial integration. He asserted that Perkasa should stop uttering racist remarks, as it would otherwise make them the major cause that hinders racial integration.

“Allegation made by Perkasa is simply nonsense. The position of multi-stream educations not only presents no harm to racial integrity, it also adds values and variety to our country’s cultural and lingual resources, which is in line with the trends of diversified developments globally. Perkasa’s allegation is clearly against the position of vernacular schools in our country and their contribution to the national values.”

Lau pointed out that, since independence, Chinese and Tamil primary schools had cultivated many talents for the country. Although vernacular schools were using their mother tongues as main medium of teaching and learning, they are still using a standardized teaching syllabus as instructed by the Ministry of Education. Perkasa’s allegation has undoubtedly fostered tension and misunderstanding among races.

Lau also reminded us of the promise given by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin last year following the launching of Malaysia Education Blueprint, of which the DPM promised that the government will ensure the continuation of vernacular schools and will keep providing the necessary aid to their needs. As such, Perkasa’s action to bring up the issue again is against this promise and seems to come with the ulterior intent to undermine national unity.

“Perkasa should stop making racist comments but instead to study the cultural and lingual history and developments of other ethnic groups in more details. They should engage on a self-reflection and realize to the fact that their ethnocentrism is the true hindrance to racial unity. 





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