Gerakan praises Malaysia’s healthcare system ranking Jayanthi: Govt must not rest on its laurels as more improvement is needed

Press statement by

Gerakan Central Bureau on Environment and Quality of Life Chairman

Jayanthi Devi Balaguru

11 February 2014

Gerakan Central Bureau on Environment and Quality of Life Chairman, Jayanthi Devi Balaguru has concurred with the index rating by a US magazine, International Living claiming that Malaysia possessed the third best healthcare system out of 24 countries which included developed countries such as Spain, Italy and New Zealand.

“To be placed only behind France and Uruguay is a testament to Malaysia’s achievement in creating one of the best healthcare systems in the world.”

Jayanthi pointed out that while being placed highly in the international ranking is a great achievement itself, the government must not rest on its laurels as more improvements have to be done.

“There are many problems regarding our healthcare system which persist to this day. Chief among the complaints are such as the long waiting list and also shortages of basic necessities. Previously there were reports saying that Klang Valley government hospitals are facing shortages of beds due to overcrowding while hospitals in East Malaysia are facing problems such as blackout, lack of manpower and also the amount of hospitals available.”

She stressed that even if Malaysia became a global hub for medical tourism, such achievement would be meaningless if the locals are unable to have access to an affordable and efficient healthcare.

“Take a look at the United States which possessed one of the world’s best medical tourism hub in the form of the Texas Medical Centre. However a previous report stating that a whopping 30% of Americans are forced to forgo their medical treatment due to the high cost of US healthcare. Hence the federal government’s decided to introduce and Affordable Healthcare Act also known as Obamacare.”

“As for Malaysia, the government must never stop striving in keeping up by providing the best medical facilities available due to the ever evolving diseases around the globe. There were also reports saying that Malaysia is the fattest nation in South East Asia which in fact is a time bomb.”

Jayanthi said that merely gaining a high ranking in medical tourism which cater mainly foreigners but unable to provide an efficient and affordable healthcare to the locals is meaningless as it is the government’s responsibility to take care of its citizens. 





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