2014 Chinese New Year Message - Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia

2014 Chinese New Year Message

2014 Chinese New Year Message


Gerakan National President

Dato’ Mah Siew Keong

We rounded off the Year of Snake with many trials and challenges as our beloved nation continues its path of renewal and reform after the conclusion of the 13th General Election on 5 May 2013 that opens a new chapter in Malaysia’s history. As we exit the Year of Snake and leap into the Year of Horse, we seek to preserve social harmony while striving for excellence in our endeavors of consolidating civil solidarity and maintaining the positive momentum of progressive nation-building especially in good governance, transparency, accountability as well as overall improvement of social welfare and human development.
I share many of your concerns that recent difficult circumstances surrounding on highly sensitive and divisive issues have spurred unnecessary debates and triggered widespread unhappiness among Malaysians. These deploring developments pose a worrying threat to the long-term social stability that we have been enjoying for decades. We risk descending into an undesired dystopia that one day our current social fabric could be ripped apart by the growing divisive force and mayhem that certain groups have inflicted if we fail to comprehend the seriousness of the situations and make collective efforts in building national consensus or embark on an amicable reconciliation by now.
In this respect, I call upon all Malaysians to internalize and subscribe to the true meanings of civil solidarity and moderation. We must cease from devoting ourselves irrationally to the fear appeals or perceived threats that are largely untrue and misleading. These malicious attempts to spread hatred, prejudice and enmity among peace-loving Malaysians are contemptuous and intolerable that we all must categorically reject. I call on leaders of both sides of the political divide to cast aside political differences and close ranks in these trying times to stop the worsening social division and carry out bona fide effort to ameliorate the situation. It is morally dutiful for all of us as Malaysians to distance ourselves from ill-conceived notions and destructive actions that could undo our past achievements or derail future plans. As we enter the Year of Horse, I sincerely hope that all Malaysians could put more emphasis on nation-building with greater unanimity and commitment. We must work hard to create a brighter future and I am confident that we will succeed.
Let us enjoy ourselves in this Chinese New Year, be thankful for our families and appreciate what Malaysia has achieved together, we must resolve to keep our beloved country harmonious and prospering.

Finally on behalf of Gerakan, I wish all Malaysians a Very Happy Chinese New Year!





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