'Greater divide by segregating sin taxes' - Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia

'Greater divide by segregating sin taxes'

Gerakan Youth has warned that the proposal by a DAP parliamentarian for tax revenue derived from gambling be used for non-Muslims activities will create greater divide among Malaysians “based on religion”.

Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang said the suggestion by Anthony Loke “will definitely benefit non-Muslim communities in our country, but at the expense of Muslim communities”.

“With due respect to the Seremban MP (Loke) , the suggestion will create more division among Malaysians based on religion.

“As a progressive nation, our government should not be looking at creating more policies based on race or religion.

“There is no need to segregate taxes and distribute it based on religious belief. All Malaysians deserve to be assisted irrespective of their religionm” Tan said in a statement today.

 Loke, who is also DAP national organising secretary, had yesterday suggested that proceeds from gambling tax be placed into a separate account.

 This, he said, will "kill two birds with one stone" as the money can be utilised for welfare, education and cultural activities benefiting predominantly non-Muslims, while help ease the concerns by Muslim Malaysians over non-halal revenue.

 However, Tan today opined that segregation of sin tax would create an “unfair stigma” that  non-Muslims depend on gambling and other sinful activities to finance their welfare, education and cultural activities.

“It is also unfortunate that DAP came out with such a proposal during a time when Muslims and Christians in Malaysia are having a friction over the issue of ‘Allah’,” he said, urging for more sensitivity on DAP’s part.





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