Funding Perkasa suicidal for BN, says Gerakan Youth

The BN government is undermining itself by funding a "disruptive" group such as the Malay supremacists Perkasa, and this has warded off many voters, including urban Malays, Gerakan said today.
Calling the Malay rights group's work as the opposite of BN's objectives, the party's Youth chief Tan Keng Liang (left) urged the government to clarify why key government institutions were involved with a number of Perkasa programmes.

Earlier this week Perkasa admitted that it had received funding from agencies such as the National Security Council (MKN), National Civics Bureau (BTN) and the Special Affairs Department (Jasa), which comes under the Communications and Multimedia Ministry.

"It's suicidal for BN to fund Perkasa because its activities are not helping the government... it's creating a bad image," Tan toldMalaysiakini.

"If it is true, it has to be reviewed... the government has to come out and clarify the situation, or more rumours will spread."




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