Eggs and coffee thrown at Gerakan service centre

GEORGE TOWN: The service centre of Pulau Tikus Gerakan coordinator Rowena Yam in Burmah Road was pelted with eggs and splashed with black coffee.

Yam said this was the third time such an incident had happened since she took over in March 2011.

“I received a call about the incident at 1am and believe the same people may be responsible for the earlier cases of vandalism at the service centre.

“My service team members told me someone saw a motorcyclist throwing the eggs and a packet of black coffee at the premises at about midnight.

“This is a childish act and has become a trend,” she said yesterday, adding that the mess has since been cleaned up.

Yam said she would not be lodging a police report as it may give the perpetrators “a cheap thrill” if their mischief was taken seriously.

“I will just clean up and move on as there are many pressing matters that need my attention.

“The more seriously we view the incident, the more the culprits will ‘come after us’ and so I choose to ignore it,’’ she said.

Penang Gerakan chairman Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan said although it was only eggs and a packet of black coffee, the matter had far-reaching political implications.

“There is always a political agenda and I condemn such political violence.

“In order to curb such incidents, politicians must advise their supporters to stop such acts,” he said.

On Friday, the Penang DAP headquarters and three service centres were splashed with red paint.





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