Political violence should stop — Oh Tong Keong

SEPT 18 — The action of several individuals who threw coffee and eggs at a Gerakan service centre in Pulau Tikus, Penang is a despicable act. This came after a recent spate of incidents where damage was done to properties associated with political parties on both sides such as the Penang BN’s “war truck” being smeared with red paint, damage to PKR’s campaign bus, the DAP’s Penang HQ and service centres being splashed with red paint and also the giving of “hell money” to several MCA leaders.

I condemn these types of actions whether it is from Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat. Political parties should compete based on policies, ideologies and their efficiency in serving the public. I do not know who did this, but in my opinion there must be a political agenda behind these acts.

All these acts are equivalent to criminal acts and this will not get support from the public. On the contrary, the public will see political parties as childish and immature while at the same time making a fool of themselves, resulting in losing voters’ confidence. This does not bode well for the development of a two-party system.

I am concerned that given the spate of incidents, they might encourage more people to take matters in their own hands, considering the coverage that the media has been giving to all of these acts.

I appeal for both sides to control their supporters.

I urge the police to take action against the culprits responsible while at the same time intensify patrols to prevent them from happening again.

SOURCE: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/sideviews/article/political-violence-should-stop-oh-tong-keong/




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