Gerakan to put off party polls by another eight months

Gerakan is proposing to amend the party constitution to postpone party election by another eight months.

Prior to this, the party constitution allowed party elections to be postponed for 15 months.

"According to practice and the constitution, the last party election was in 2008, and it should be held 15 months after the end of 2011,” said party president Koh Tsu Koon.

"Should the general election be held in the next two months, Gerakan still needs eight months to prepare for party election. We do not want the general election and party election to clash.”

In this regard, he said the eight-month extension would give the central committee and delegates sufficient time to devote their attention on the general election.

The 13th general election may be held at end of this year or early next year.

Koh said this was one of the two amendments to be tabled for discussion and approval at the two-day national delegates conference, beginning Sept 29.

Students allowed to join party

The other constitutional amendment was to put the party in line with the Universities and University Colleges Act 2012 (UUCA) to enable undergraduates to become Gerakan members.

"As such, we will be abolishing Clause 96.2 of the constitution which does not allow university undergraduates to become members, except with the approval of the vice-chancellor.

"Following the government's amendment of UUCA, Gerakan is of the view that there is no need for the provision and it should be dropped," he said in a media conference at Menara PGRM today.

Prime Minister Najib Razak had announced that Section 15 of UUCA would be amended to enable students aged 21 and above, to be active in political parties.

Apart from political parties, students will also be allowed to participate in associations, organisations, bodies and groups, both local or abroad.





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