Arranging the first hearing-impaired patient to receive hearing aid Dr. Dominic Lau calls for generosity from kind-hearted people Press statement by Batu Gerakan Service Centre Coordinator Dr. Dominic Lau Hoe Chai

Following Oticon agreed to sponsor 10 pairs of hearing aids to hearing-impaired patient, Batu Gerakan Service Centre Coordinator Dr. Dominic Lau had earlier accompanied a hearing impaired patient to undergo check-up and wearing at the company’s outlet, so that the related patient can have his hearing improved and also to make up for the defects caused by hearing impairment.
Dr. Dominic Lau said that the patient is an 11-year-old boy named Lee Jin Kang who is suffering from congenital hearing impairment. He came from a lower-middle class family, his father is a grocery distributor while he lost his mother due to illness earlier. His father had used up all his savings and bank loans to get medical treatments for his mother, resulting him to struggle with financial woes and therefore could not afford to buy a hearing aid for his children. The hearing aid currently used by the boy is donated by kind-hearted people, it is made for adults and not quite suitable for children. Therefore they sought help from Gerakan Batu Division.
“The boy was thrilled after he passed the check-up and wore the hearing aid, his father was also very grateful towards Gerakan for the helping hands. It is understood that the boy was struggling with his academic learning because of wearing an unsuitable hearing aid, he encountered difficulties in verbal communication with teachers and fellow students in school. Hopefully by getting a new pair of hearing aid, it will be helpful for him to improve his hearing and also enhance his verbal communication ability. We hereby would like to specially thank the person in charge of Oticon, Mr. Lim Chun Yean for his full cooperation and arrangements,” added Dr. Dominic Lau.
Dr. Dominic Lau said that he received many enquiries about the application for the sponsorship of hearing aids, he will also continue to arrange patients with hearing impairment to undergo a check-up at Oticon. This shows that many hearing-impaired patients from poor families are in need of this assistance. He therefore called for more businesses and kind-hearted people in the society to join the ranks in the sponsorship, generously offering help to the hearing-impaired patients. Kind-hearted people who are interested in sponsoring hearing aids can contact Mei Ling of Batu Gerakan Service Centre. Tel: 012-3755265.
Besides, Dr. Dominic Lau also added that Gerakan will continue to serve the residents of Batu parliamentary constituency, improving their lives and also hope that they would continue to support Gerakan in serving the local.




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