Police must come down hard on gun crime, says Gerakan Chang Ko Youn calls for effective enforcement of gun laws Press statement by Gerakan Acting President Dato’ Chang Ko Youn

Gerakan Acting President Dato’ Chang Ko Youn was appalled over the attempted murder of MyWatch chairman R. Sri Sanjeevan on the last weekend and also another prominent banker Hussain Ahmad Najadi was shot dead yesterday. He expressed his concern on the alarming rise of shooting incidents in the country recently. Chang said Gerakan welcomes the setting up of a joint task force that will be led by Federal CID director Comm Datuk Hadi Ho Abdullah comprising police officers from both Bukit Aman and Negeri Sembilan to investigate the shooting incident on Sanjeevan, while at the same also calls for intensive probe on the shooting incident that took the life of Hussain Ahmad Najadi.
However, apart from launching an immediate and thorough investigation over the shooting incident and also go for intense manhunt as promised by the Home Minister and the police, Chang opined that it is also important to get to the bottom of the motive behind the shooting on both cases as R. Sri Sanjeevan is the MyWatch chairman who has been in the news for exposing corruption in the police force and he has received death threats in the past, while the murder of Hussain Ahmad Najadi could have been a result of a business deal gone awry.  The alleged attempted murder will undermine public confidence in our Police and deter public cooperation in the future.
“The number of shooting incidents in the country is steadily on the rise which has thrown our gun control efforts all the while into question. Arms trafficking, unlawful possession of firearms and organized crimes of the underworld are the issues related to the worrying trend of shooting incidents and violent crimes that the authorities must now urgently and steadfastly look into and solve before the situation deteriorates further to the detriment of national development,” said Chang.
Chang also urged the Home Ministry and Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission to investigate squarely the alleged involvement of ill-intentioned policemen in the shooting incident. He said the integrity and professionalism of police personnel must be scrutinized to verify and quell the accusations. Chang also reminded that the investigation process must be fair and transparent to uphold justice as well as to ensure public confidence.
Chang urged the authorities to impose effective enforcement of gun laws for the sake of national security, to prevent gun violence, shootings and armed robbery as well as to minimize fear in the country. On a bigger picture, the effort is seen as a long term pre-emptive measure to avoid the country being turned into a dystopian that is dangerously filled with assassinations and targeted killings.




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