Dr Cheah: It was not approved unanimously

With reference of The STAR 18 April 2012 Nation page 06 report on “Kedah makes fatwa absolute”, I would like to categorically deny that the amendment which was tabled by Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak was unanimously passed by the House.

In Kedah state assembly sitting on Tuesday 17 April 2012, Section 22A of the Mufti & Fatwa Enactment was objected by me and other Barisan Nasional state representatives. It was not approved unanimously as reported in The Star yesterday.

In fact my colleagues Mahadzir Khalid, Ahmad Bashah, Suraya, Ku Rahman, Radzhi, Azmi, Zaini, Rawi, Nawawi, Leong and myself have all taken part in the debate of this amendment. Almost all BN assemblymen voicing their disapproval of the amendment, citing gazettement, human error, abuse of power, injustice, autocratic and democratic process. I would like to congratulate my colleagues especially Muslim representatives who had put up such a brave front. All the Pakatan Rakyat representatives including those from PKR & DAP did not take part in the debate.

The amendment in the Mufti and Fatwa (Kedah Darul Aman) Enactment 2008 provides that a fatwa decided by the Mufti or the committee, whether gazette or not, cannot be challenged, appealed, reviewed, denied or questioned in any civil or syariah court.

When the Speaker asked those agreed with the amendment, please state “Setuju”, I can clearly hear the shout of “Setuju” from the opposite side i.e. from the Pakatan Rakyat. The Speaker continued with those disagreed with the amendment please state “Tak Setuju”. I and my colleagues have responded with “Tak Setuju”. Then the Speaker announced that the voice of “Setuju” is louder than “Tak Setuju”, therefore amendment bill is passed.

It is clear that the amendment is passed with a simple majority and definitely not unanimously.

I have made this note to the senior reporter of The Star in Alor Setar. I do hope the editor will take note of this and make the necessary correction.

SOURCE: http://www.gerakan.org.my/my_press_details.asp?pid=2165&ccid=70





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