Gerakan urges police to come down hard on crime Cheah Soon Hai: EAIC should play their role Press statement by Gerakan Central Bureau on Environment, Safety and Quality of Life Chairman Dr Cheah Soon Hai

Regarding the recent 2 shooting cases, Gerakan Central Bureau on Environment, Safety and Quality of Life Chairman, Dr Cheah Soon Hai has voiced his sympathy to the victims families and expressed his concern regarding the safety in the country.
 “Recently the crime rate is getting more serious, demonstrated by shooting incidents. Previously, I was in Bangkok and Laos and bumped into students who are studying in Malaysia. They all agreed that the safety in Malaysia is dismal. When moving around KL, they have to be constantly careful with their belongings to avoid being robbed,” said Dr. Cheah.
Dr Cheah pointed out that the terrible crime rate in our country will not only deter tourist, but also affect locals. By taking example of the 2 shooting cases which has caused 1 dead and 2 injuries, the police must step up their efforts to combat crime to protect the safety and restore public confidence in local security..
He added that now is the time for the EAIC to play their role in investigating the alleged police involvement in shooting incident, so that the people can have a better understanding the role that EAIC is playing. At the same time, if the EAIC intends to replace the proposed IPCMC, the investigation conducted must be fair and transparent instead of being done internally to increase the public confidence in the EAIC.
“The EAIC can appoint police personals to conduct the investigations; however the supervisory role must remain with them to have effective case solving and achieving a win-win situation.”
Dr Cheah further stressed that the police must seriously look into our crime rate for criminals are getting more violent which severely affects our citizens. The police must take immediate action by increasing safety methods to fight crime effectively. He said we can learn from Hong Kong for during the 60’s and 70’s, it was notorious for its crime. However, Hong Kong currently occupies a high spot in terms of safety in the world.




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