Helping another cataract patient to regain eyesight Dr. Dominic Lau continues to serve Batu residents Press statement by Batu Gerakan Service Centre Coordinator Dr. Dominic Lau Hoe Chai

Batu Gerakan Service Centre Coordinator Dr. Dominic Lau Hoe Chai has earlier accompanied another cataract patient from Batu to undergo free cataract surgery at the ELC Eye Laser Centre in SS2. The surgery went smoothly and the patient’s eyesight is now restored.
Dr. Dominic Lau said that the patient named Choo Hui Mei and she is 59 year-old. Apart from having a cataract problem, she is also suffering from serious kidney problem, she has to undergo dialysis thrice a week. The financial situation of the family is less ideal, she has to rely on her daughter’s meager salary and assistance from kind-hearted people, therefore, she could not afford the expensive cost of the cataract surgery. She has been suffering from cataract problem for a long time, lost eyesight in her right eye due to worsened condition, therefore only her left eye is now treatable. At first, Madam Choo was reluctant to receive treatment because she felt that she was suffering from kidney problem and refused to increase the burden of her daughter. However, after an all-out effort by our team members to show her encouragement, she finally found the encouragement to undergo the surgery. After the surgery was completed, the eyesight in her left eye has restored, Madam Choo was very thrilled and touched, especially when she was able to see her daughter again, she immediately burst down in tears. She was very grateful to Dr. Lim Thung Kiat of ELC Eye Laser Centre and International Rotary Club USJ Branch for their generous sponsorship, also she was thankful to Gerakan Batu Division for the arrangement so that she can be benefited under this programme.
“The objective we arrange such a sponsorship programme is to help the poor families of Batu, because they cannot afford the expensive cataract surgery, hopefully by seeking sponsorship for them, these patients are able to have their eyesight restored. Up until now, we already have 3 patients successfully undergone surgery, there are another 10 qualified patients pending for surgery. Previously, we have sought financial assistance on behalf of Madam Choo family in the newspapers; we hope all kind-hearted people would continue to support this family so that they can feel the love of the society. Kind-hearted people who are interested in giving donations, please contact Mei Ling of Batu Gerakan Service Centre. Tel: 012-3755265,” added Dr. Dominic Lau.
Besides, Dr. Dominic Lau also added that Gerakan will continue to serve the residents of Batu parliamentary constituency, improve their lives and also hope that they would continue to support Gerakan in serving the local.




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