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Gerakan: Cancel the 901 rally

Gerakan Vice President Dato’ Mah Siew Keong today urges the public not to participate in the gathering at the Kuala Lumpur Court complex on January 9, the day that the verdict will be delivered for the sodomy trial involving the opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim. Dato’ Mah felt that it is utmost important for the judges in the much publicised sodomy trial to be fair on their judgement and not to be influenced by any external factors. He also wanted to remind the public that the party who not satisfied with the verdict can still file an appeal in the Court of Appeal.

Mah said that the gathering could undermine the public order with the calling of a 100,000-strong rally by the organiser. It is an irresponsible with no regards towards the orderly daily life in the city. The rally would definitely affect the city folks in their daily life such as traffic congestion and business loss that is certainly not beneficial to the socio-economy of the nation.

Therefore, Mah wishes to advice the public not to be incited by the goading of irresponsible parties to take part in the rally and creating chaos in the city that is going to threaten the stability of the society. Mah also stated that the calling for the rally is unjustified as the court had yet made any conclusive decision pertaining to the case. He reiterated that the public and all concerning parties should be patient and wait for the final judgement of court.





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