A BN party wants new EC that satisfies all

It is time to refresh the Election Commission (EC) members since its independence, credibility and integrity has been challenged, Gerakan said today.

The party’s deputy president Cheah Soon Hai said that he was “utterly shocked and upset” over former EC chief Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman’s statement that he had indulged in gerrymandering during his eight-year tenure. Cheah said this was simply hard to stomach and urged EC to explain the matter.

Therefore, Cheah said in a statement that he proposed “the formation of a special selection committee comprising bipartisan MPs and representatives from NGOs for the selection and appointment of EC chairperson and members”.

He added that EC members have to be “ credible individuals who enjoy public confidence”.

More than that, Cheah also echoed the Coalition for Free and Fair Election’s (Bersih) urging that EC clean up the electoral roll first before attempting any redelineation exercise.

“This is to ensure that there are no more dubious names in response to allegations of phantom voters or influx of ‘foreign voters’.

He also suggested that EC study the possibility of adopting a mixed-member proportional representation (MMP) in place of the current first-past-the-post (FPTP) system. He said this would give proper representation to people of all races.

Gerakan, one of BN’s component parties, has fared badly in the last two general elections. The party, which had ruled Penang for nearly four decades before 2008, only secured one parliamentary seat in the 13th GE.

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