Gerakan storms Selangor’s salary hike

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 28: Gerakan National President Datuk Mah Siew Keong slammed the recent announcement that Selangor’s Mentri Besar, elected representatives, executive council members, Speaker and deputy Speaker will receive massive pay hikes effective January 1, 2014.

In the media statement to The Malaysian Times (TMT) Mah, expressed his disagreement with the hike because it was a staggering increase ranging from 87 percent to 373 percent and it is excessive.

“The huge income disparity between Sarawak and Selangor Chief Executives, assemblymen, state ministers or EXCO members as compared to other states is irrational as all the state government leaders and lawmakers are doing the same job with little differences,” cited Mah.

“A moderate and balanced increase in salaries between 30 percent to 50 percent would have been more prudent and acceptable,” Mah toldTMT.

Mah also pointed out that the proposed salary increase should be results-based by taking into account past years’ achievements and performance of the proposed recipients as well as the financial position of the state.

“It is important to make sure that there is ample justification behind the salary increment to avoid misuse of public funds,” stressed Mah further.

Mah added that Gerakan calls for salary standardisation for assemblymen in all states as well as important office bearers in state institutions. -TMT





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