Mah beats Teng in Gerakan leadership battle

Gerakan acting secretary-general Mah Siew Keong has defeated the party's Penang chief Teng Chang Yeow to be the new party president for 2013-16.

Mah has garnered 1,086 votes against Teng's 577 votes in the balloting this afternoon.

Meanwhile, Gerakan Kedah chief Dr Cheah Soon Hai (1,113 votes) defeated Kepong division chairperson Ma Woei Chyi (545 votes) for the post of deputy president.

Teo Kok Chee (1,226 votes), A Kohilan Pillay (1,144 votes) and Dr Asharuddin Ahmad (1,104 votes) were elected as vice-presidents, while the other two aspirants, Syed Abdul Razak Syed Long Alsagoff (766 votes) Loo Yeng Peng (766 votes) failed in their bids.

Mah is seen as the preferred choice of the outgoing leadership, having received blessings to go for the top post from former president Koh Tsu Koon and acting president Chang Ko Yuen.

Chang had nominated Mah
s running mate Cheah to contest as deputy president, although he did not openly voice support for him.

When met after the results were announced, Teng said he had expected
a major defeat this morning.

Nevertheless, he declined to comment on his defeat, other than that he accepted the results, and that it was now time to close ranks and dwelling on the issue would not help.

In a battle, you either win or lose. When you (win), dont be too happy. When you lose, dont be too sad, Teng  added.

Close ranks

Meanwhile, Mah urged the party members to close ranks and said Teng would be appointed to the Gerakan central committee.

I have spoken to Teng. It is a family affair. He has agreed to work together in the central committee.

We have to get a good result in Penang in the next round (of the general election), Mah added.

Of the outgoing leaders, Koh stepped down after Gerakan
s  poor showing in the 13th general election, while Chang said he would not contest in this election in order to make way for new leaders.

A total of 39 candidates contested for the 18 elected posts of central committee members. The winners are:

1.    Liang Teck Meng (1,302 votes)
2.    Dominic Lau Hoe Chai (1,280)
3.    Lau Hoi Keong (1,216)
4.    Jayanthi Devi Balaguru (1,176)
5.    Lau Chin Hoon (1,142)
6.    Lim Si Pin (1,071)
7.    Ng Chaing Chin (1,005)
8.    Peter Pang En Yin (1,009)
9.    Choong Vee Hing (987)
10.  See Tean Seng (970)
11.  Vincent Hooi Wy-Hon (954)
12.  Ng Siew Lai (939)
13.  Parameswaran Ganason (904)
14.  Baljit Singh Jigiri Singh (899)
15.  Dr Thor Teong Gee (868)
16.  Yap Kim Heong (875)
17.  Ch
ng Boon Chye (847)
18.  Dr Ng Keong Chye (763)





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