Chang Ko Youn has 48 hours to retract his statement : Rayer

GEORGE TOWN: A DAP assemblyman here has given Gerakan Acting President Datuk Chang Ko Youn 48 hours to retract the allegation he made about Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng during the Gerakan delegates conference here yesterday.

Seri Delima assemblyman R. S. N. Rayer rubbished Chang's allegation that Lim's policies only served developers as well as the rich and neglected the poor.

"I am refuting the allegations against the chief minister, who had been unjustly labelled as a dictator by Chang... He (Chang) should think before he speak and make allegations simply to impress his fellow Gerakan members.

" I am giving Chang 48 hours to retract his defamatory statements, failing which legal action will be taken against him," he said.

During the Gerakan delegates conference last Sunday, Chang had accused Lim as being the darling of developers.

Meanwhile, on another matter, Rayer also warned Penang Criminal Law Committee chairman Ranjit Singh Dhillon for interfering in matters related to the DAP.

He said Ranjit, who was not a party member or a politician, had no authority to speak about the party.

Rayer said he would file a disciplinary complaint against Ranjit with the Penang Bar Committee if the latter failed to make amends and continued meddling in DAP matters.





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