Gerakan mulls merger with MCA, SUPP

KUALA LUMPUR: The Chinese majority parties in Barisan Nasional will hold official talks on the possibility of merging into one, after each party holds its election.

Gerakan acting president Datuk Chang Ko Youn told a press conference here that they were engaging informally with MCA and the Sarawak United Peoples' Party (SUPP) and the feedback had been positive.

"The matter will be pursued more intensely after each party holds its election, because if there's a change of leadership, it will question the legitimacy of our commitment now."

Gerakan's election is on Oct 26, while MCA will have it on Dec 21.

Chang said the merger has been in the pipeline for the past 30 years but it was more urgent now in view of the political scenario, where multiracial parties had become more popular.

"It is important for component parties of BN to work together but one fundamental issue is that MCA is a race-based party.

"So, they have to solve that first by amending their party constitution to turn it into a multiracial party.
"Going multiracial should be our objective now."

On improving the electoral process by the Election Commission, he said the EC should use a biometric system instead of indelible ink, which was used only in poor countries that do not have proper registration of their citizens, unlike Malaysia.

"We have biometric MyKad and it is a good system under the National Registration Department.
"Why can't we just go for the biometric system?"





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