Gerakan: Re-register voters before GE14

Gerakan wants the Election Commission (EC) to work closely with National Registration Deparment (JPN) to re-register voters according to their residential address.

Gerakan acting president Chang Ko Youn said this could prevent traffic congestion as voters travelled back to their hometowns just to cast their votes during elections.

"Why vote in Teluk Intan or Bagan Datoh when your addresses are in Kuala Lumpur," he told reporters after a Gerakan central committee meeting in Kuala Lumpur today.

The scenario was unhealthy and created a very unfair situation to people in many constituencies as these "outsiders" did not understand the local political issues and voted based on feelings influenced from what they read in the Internet, he said.

"All these people may come back once in five years, not knowing what is going on for the past five years, they just cast their votes and after voting, they go back to their homes in Petaling Jaya or Penang, leaving the local residents in limbo, why because when they cast their votes, they do not know the local scenarios and let the local residents face all the problems all over again," he said.

He said by doing the re-registration exercise, the issue of phantom voters would surely diminish.

Chang also raised the issue of the indelible ink which he said was a very primitive method used only in Third World countries in Africa as their governments did not have a good system to register their citizens as voters.

"But for Malaysia, we have a good system under the JPN, we have all the data of the people, why not use the biometric system, just your thumbprint, that's the best way," he said.

The usage of indelible ink raised many unfounded issues and complaints especially from the opposition, the use of biometric system would solve many issues and after all, Malaysians had identity cards, he said.MCA-Gerakan-SUPP merger?

Meanwhile, Chang was also asked if there was a possibility for Gerakan to merge with MCA and SUPP to form one single party before the 14th election.

He said it was an old idea raised by MCA about 30 years ago.

He said the current political situation today might pave the way but issues such as the constitutions of the parties needed to be resolve.

"Gerakan is a multi-racial party and is open to Indian, Malay, Siamese but some components of Barisan Nasional such as MCA need to change their party constitution as MCA is only for the Chinese people," he said.

Chang admitted that unofficially there were talks about a merger among members but this had yet to be discussed among party leaders.





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