Coroner’s court senseless without IPCMC – Gerakan

KUALA LUMPUR, Jun 20: The Gerakan Vice-President, A. Kohilan Pillay has voiced his support for the decision to establish a permanent coroner’s court and centralised lock-ups to deal with custodial deaths by the government.

In the press statement sent to The Malaysian Times (TMT) Kohilan said, “I support this move as the rate of custodial deaths seems to be increasing and I find it alarming. Ignoring the calls for greater oversight will only aggravate the situation.”

However, he also reiterated the calls to establish and Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) to deal with public complaints towards the police to restore public confidence in them.

“It makes no sense if the government decided to only establish a coroner’s court and centralised lock-up devoid of the IPCMC,” Kohilan added.

Acknowledging the establishment of the a permanent coroner’s court, Kohilan said that since Malaysia is a country consisting of many states, by establishing a coroner’s court in every state, this will increase the efficiency the investigative process.

Kohilan added that despite the fact that the police have the power to apprehend a suspect, it does not extend to abusing the suspect or using force or coercion to elicit a confession from the suspect.

Any transformation intended should be done to ensure the best results are achieved.





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