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I'm not anyone's lackey, says new Gerakan chief Mah

Declaring the newly-elected Gerakan leadership as the Mah Siew Keong team, the president-elect has rubbished talk that he is a lackey to his predecessors.

Mah said this after proposing that the outgoing acting president Chang Ko Youn becomes the partys adviser at the partys national delegates conference.

After this, tomorrow people will say I am Changs lackey, or the late president Dr Lim Keng Yaiks lackey or former president Koh Tsu Koons lackey.

I want to let everyone know what no matter what people say, I am still the new president. The new important office-bearers such as secretary-general, treasurer-general... They are not exactly finalised, but I can tell you that they will all be new people, young people, and Mah Siew Keongs team, not anybodys team, he said.

Mah had been seen to be close to the partys old guard, especially after receiving Chang  and Kohs blessing to run for presidency - a contest that he won yesterday.  

He then went on to urge delegates to support the leadership, as the party faces many problems and difficult changes would have to be made.  

Standing firm on not contesting in Teluk Intan

In his speech, Mah also stood firm on his decision not to contest in the upcoming general election, saying that he had already made a pledge to his division in Teluk Intan.

However, he said if he is offered another seat, then he would not hesitate to contest.

Mah was responding to outgoing party vice-president and Sabah deputy chief minister Raymond Tans statement earlier today that Mah, as the incoming president, should not have announced that he is not contesting.

Mah explained that he had already made the promise even before the 13th general election, and merely repeated it when queried by the press just after the election.

I have contested in Teluk Intan for five terms because I had started young, becoming a Yang Berhormat by the age of 33. Five terms.

I promised to my comrades in Teluk Intan, even before I knew whether I would win or lose, that this is my last try, because they have worked with me for 20 over years, and there are many young ones who can be candidates, he said.

He stressed that the can cannot renege on his promise although he is now the president-elect.


But if Sabah has a place and wants me to go and fight, you bet I will go to Sabah and fight, he said.

Mah also said that his role as president was not to be a hero at elections, but to delegate tasks and ensure the smooth running of the party machinery so that it would have heroes in every constituency.

You might say, Datuk Mah, you are the party president, eh? But you dont know how to use Twitter well.

Why do I need to know Twitter well? My youth chief (Tan Keng Liang) is the Twitter King of Malaysia... I dont want to take over his job for everything; there are certain things he can do better, he said.

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