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Focus on economy, not hudud, PAS told

KOTA BARU: The PAS Supporters Congress has urged the Islamic party to avoid being bogged down by polemics on race and religion at the expense of debate on urgent issues such as the high cost of living and the rising crime rate.

Congress president Hu Phang Chaw today expressed dismay over the recent resurrection of the hudud issue, saying he feared it would dominate the PAS muktamar opening tomorrow.

He said he considered the issue as stale and unproductive to nation building.

He urged PAS to give more attention to economic issues such as rising household debts and the Najib administrations plan to impose the Goods and Services Tax.

We must also maintain our momentum in fighting corruption, cronyism and nepotism, he said.

The people voted for leaders who can fight for a better country and a good life, but instead they are hearing mindless debates about race or religion.

I subscribe to the belief that hudud is part of Islam. I am just questioning whether the legislation should be adopted here and whether the timing is right.

Is PAS interested in securing more votes from the non-Muslims or is it only keen on championing one particularly segment of the community?

Are there statistics to show that the crime rate will go down if hudud is adopted?

Hu urged all parties to work towards transforming Malaysia into a wealthy and progressive nation, saying the crime rate would naturally go down if people had enough money in their pockets.

Poverty is the root cause of crime, he said.

Meanwhile, Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang has challenged the Pakatan Rakyat parties to reach a consensus on whether hudud could be adopted in Malaysia.

Its time to bring closure to this contentious issue, which has dragged on for the past three decades, he said.

And the only ones who can resolve it are none other than Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang and PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang.

Once and for all, settle it. Find a common stand. Anwar and Kit Siang must answer and they must do it in a collective tone as PAS is part of Pakatan.

He said the hudud issue had exposed a flaw in the opposition pact, showing that it lacked the collective leadership necessary to govern the country effectively and lending credibility to the BN contention that it was formed just to dethrone the ruling coalition.





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