Kedah Gerakan brushes off Muhkriz’s statement as groundless Cheah Soon Hai: Gerakan advocates for ‘People First’ spirit Press statement by Kedah Gerakan State Chairman Dr Cheah Soon Hai

Regarding Kedah Menteri Besar, Muhkriz Mahathir’s statement of saying MCA and Gerakan is a racist party, Kedah Gerakan state chairman; Dr Cheah Soon Hai expressed his regret and described the statement as groundless.
“All along, Gerakan’s style of doing things does not have any elements of racism. As a multi-racial party, we uphold the ‘People First’ spirit all the time whenever we engage the people. This is why Gerakan continue to advocate the dissolve of all component parties and merge into a single multiracial BN party,” Cheah said.
He pointed out that since Malaysia is a multiracial country, its leaders should accept views from all sides. Gerakan has been advocating that we have to understand the needs of the people and assists those who are in need irrespective of race and religion instead of keep uttering racist statement.
Cheah also said that since the 505 general election, many leaders blamed that “Chinese Tsunami” was the reason why many constituencies were lost, but we felt that it is more accurate to term it as an “Urban Tsunami”. We realized that we have nearly lost in all the urban areas including those with Malay-majority. Hence it is inaccurate to term it as a “Chiense Tsunami”.
“We will take the opportunity to explain to the people regarding Muhkriz’s statement in the upcoming Sungai Limau by-election. Since Chinese schools have received allocations prior to the 505 election, therefore it is now time to hand out assistance to the national schools. I believe that it is his way of expressing that caused all these misunderstandings. Although Gerakan does not agree with his statement, we will continue working under the BN framework to assist in the coming by-election.” Dr Cheah stressed.




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