Mah Siew Keong slams Chua Soi Lek for his “apology” Press statement by Gerakan Secretary General Dato’ Mah Siew Keong

Gerakan Secretary General today in a statement slammed MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek for lack of sincerity in his apology to Gerakan for saying that if MCA deputy president Liow Tiong Lai takes over the party, MCA will become another Gerakan.

Mah said Chua should tender an unreserved apology to all Gerakan members and Dato’ Chang Ko Youn as his remarks were uncalled for and completely unwarranted. Many Gerakan members are sorely offended and very angry towards the sarcasm Chua has shown in his insincere apology. He opined thatChua should not drag other parties into MCA's internal disputes and should assess MCA general election performance by looking inwards and not blaming everyone else.

He said Chua as MCA president should take the lead by accepting responsibility and not level blame on others including Gerakan for MCA's poor performance.

“All the while, the publicly known erratic and problematic MCA President not only causing problems to MCA, but now unfortunately he has crossed the line and seemed out of control further exaggerating his act in repeating his erroneous and damaging talking. First, he insulted Gerakan and today again he attacked Dato’ Chang Ko Youn with his insincere apology that is full of sarcasm instead of genuine repentance and inhibition. He should really realise that his ill-conceived act will hamper future cooperation between Gerakan and MCA, which is detrimental to Barisan Nasional as a whole,” stressed Mah.

Mah also added that we must admit to ourselves that we only received a mere 15% of Chinese support in the last general election, both Gerakan and MCA should be strengthening our own parties on both intra and inter levels. Mah said Gerakan has never meddled in the affairs of other parties and MCA too must not do so. In the spirit of BN, it is not right for us to attack fellow component parties.

Finally, Mah said Chua should make sincere apology to all Gerakan members and also to Dato’ Chang. If not then it will be very difficult for Gerakan to have any more cooperation with MCA with him as party president. He also added that that both MCA and Gerakan will be jeopardised if he doesn't tender an unreserved apology.




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