Batu Gerakan repaints special workshop for Down syndrome children Dominic Lau urges public to show kindness by offering help to disadvantaged groups Press statement by Batu Gerakan Service Centre Coordinator Dr. Dominic Lau Hoe Chai

Members of the “I Love Batu” team under Gerakan Batu Division led by Batu Gerakan Service Centre Coordinator Dr Dominic Lau Hoe Chai have again paid a visit to the special workshop for Down syndrome children recently to repaint two buildings of this special workshop so that these Down syndrome children could work under a more comfortable environment.

Lau said that it was a follow-up to the previous visitation that Gerakan Batu Division had made earlier to this special workshop for Down syndrome children, including providing some equipments and tools also they were told by the instructors that the exterior of the workshop already worn out, moreover there were too many colours on the walls which could affect the feelings and emotions of the Down syndrome patients, they hoped that it could be repainted so that it would bring a new refreshing feeling to the surroundings of the workshop.

“As soon as we have taken the note on the needs of the workshop, we started to arrange the repainting works, sponsoring the paints needed; “I Love Batu” team went to the workshop in a full team and began the painting works to repaint the walls with light and warming colours. After a hard day at work, the workshop was given a new look and the Down syndrome children were very much delighted with the new refreshing working environment,” said Lau.

In this regard, Lau urged the public to extend their helping hands to these Down syndrome children, apart from allowing them to feel the warming care of the society, he also urged the people to get closer into their fragile little souls to understand their needs and shower them with love and kindness so that they could rebuild their self-confidence while they make their ways into the society. Those who are interested to offer help can pay a visit to the special workshop for Down syndrome children, address: Bengkel Khas OKU Akal Jinjang Selatan, Lot 2 & 3, Jln Jambu Gajus 2, Jinjang Selatan, KL.

Lau also added that it was one in a series of activities held under “I Love Batu’ programme by Gerakan Batu Division. Gerakan will continue to serve the residents of Batu parliamentary constituency, take care of the disadvantaged groups and solve their livelihood problems as well as to improve their quality of life.




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