Gerakan lambasts Ibrahim Ali’s statement of not supporting Gerakan Dominic Lau tells Ibrahim Ali to stop being an opportunist in politics Press statement by Gerakan Central Committee Member Dr Dominic Lau Hoe Chai

Gerakan’s newly elected Central Committee member, Dr Dominic Lau Hoe Chai voiced his views against a statement made by Perkasa’s chief Ibrahim Ali calling for Gerakan to dissolve and merge with MCA for failing to win the Chinese votes instead of putting the blame on Perkasa together with the threat of withdrawing their support towards Gerakan’s candidate. He rebuked Perkasa by saying the group is actually a poison towards BN during the 505 general election; it not only failed to assist BN in gaining votes, but caused the ruling coalition to lose more votes including the Malays, Chinese and Indians. The most obvious example would be in Pasir Mas, where Ibrahim Ali himself was contesting also failed to get the support from the locals including the Malays themselves.

“Gerakan does not require Perkasa’s so-called ‘help’. On the other hand, they are making the situation worse for us. Although they claimed themselves to be representing the Malays, they failed to receive the majority support from the Malay community while at the same time causing racial polarisation by releasing racist statement from time to time.”

Lau further called for the media to stop publishing Perkasa statements which he likened to providing free publicities to destroy unity among Malaysians.

“Gerakan’s ideology is a 1Malaysia concept regardless of political beliefs and religion. If Ibrahim Ali, does not understand the meaning of multiracial politics, Gerakan will be more than glad to explain it to him for free.” he stressed.

Lau said that while Gerakan respects Perkasa’s role as an NGO championing for Malay interest, the party nevertheless rejects the extreme way of hurting other communities in order to safeguard the interest of one’s own community, therefore he warned Ibrahim Ali to toe the line and know his role as an NGO instead of being an opportunistic politician.




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