SPM Students should continue with their studies, urged Gerakan Lau Chin Hoon: Students may apply for Government’s Polytechnic Institute

Gerakan Education & Knowledge Society Bureau Chief and Pemanis Assemblyman, Mr Lau Chin Hoon today urged the SPM school leavers from who managed to obtain a middle grade to continue to pursue further studies in the tertiary education institutes and should not intend to give up studies so easily.

Lau said that it is a pity that some students chose to start working straight after completing their SPM.  The fact is, the poorer the family of the students who get middle grades in SPM, the more they should not quit their studies at SPM level.  Given that the current society is evolving into a market that emphasizes on the knowledge and professionalism of an employee, having a professional technical training is the basic requirement to fit into a challenging job market and society today.

Lau, who is also the assemblyman from Permanis, Johor said that especially the rural area students with middle grades did not receive any proper technical & vocational training before entering into the job market which leads to them limited to getting highly labour intensive jobs that pays poorly.  This is due to the lack of further education information and access to such information.

He said, although we cannot obtain success by simply relying on knowledge and a piece of certificate, these two elements are crucial basic requirement to step into the job market.

He hopes that Form 5 students could be more proactive and positive in order to not be isolated by the society.  Students who did not do well in exams should not feel defeated and should not miss any chances for further studies, e.g. applying to study in the Government’s polytechnic institute is one of the options available.

He said, being one of the National Higher Institutions in Malaysia, Polytechnic provides a platform for technical and vocational education.  In fact, the federal government has set up 27 polytechnic institutions nationwide.  The school fee per semester in the polytechnic is around RM200.  To complete the whole course only requires a school fee of between RM2000 to RM3000, including miscellaneous administrative charges. The politechnic's students are eligible to apply for education loans from PTPTN.

Lau said, the polytechnic set up by the government provides a variety of diploma courses such as Engineering, fashion design, logistic management, computer studies, management studies, accountancy, financial studies and Hotel Management.  The highly affordable school fee would not cause any financial burden to the student’s family whereas the objective of running the polytechnic is just to train talents whom are more inclined to technical skills.

He said, for those interested, please log on to the official website for further details:http://www.politeknik.edu.my/.  At the meantime, the federal government is hoping to build a Polytechnic University in 2015 to provide more options to polytechnic students.  Apart from that, another option available is the Government’s Kolej Komuniti which also provides various types of technical and vocational courses, pleas log on the official website:http://www.bpkk.edu.my/for more information.




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