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Gerakan Deputy Youth Chief Oh Tong Keong bombarded Nazri as arrogant

Gerakan Deputy Youth Chief, Oh Tong Keong today bombarded the Minister of Prime Minister Department Datuk Seri Nazri as being arrogant and audacious when the latter receiving an interview by the Nanyang Daily Press.

Oh Tong Keong said, Nazri’s criticizing the Barisan Nasional component parties, specifically MCA and Gerakan in a Chinese newspaper is an act of trying to be a Hero. Oh said if Nazri has any valuable opinion, he should make good use of Barisan Nasional’s internal mechanism to reflect the matter and not going against the Barisan Nasional’s spirit and protocol by accusing its’ ally publicly.

Oh Tong Keong, who is also the Penang Youth Chief said, Nazri’s comment that Gerakan only has Federal Level force without grassroots only shows how shallow he is because, despite being honored as an UMNO Minister, Nazri could not see the entire situation of the political organization, instead, what he sees are only the appearance and bits and pieces of the situation. If Nazri wants to discuss about the political party outside of UMNO, then may I ask how detail does he know about these political parties? What about the actual status of Gerakan at each state and district? How clear is he about the actual situation of Gerakan at each state and district? Therefore, the criticism towards Gerakan as stated by Nazri only shows how shallow and arrogant he is.

Oh Tong Keong said in his press statement that, of course he has to give credit to Nazri for having the right understanding and opinion of Perkasa and 1Malaysia policy, and for certain it could be accepted. However, Nazri is being arrogant and audacious when he said that he does not need to go through MCA, Gerakan and MIC to get in touch with the people of all races in his constituency, he could communicate with the locals directly via the local community associations. For sure we welcome the representative of the people to interact and keep in touch with the local community associations, but don’t forget, Nazri is contesting using the Barisan Nasional’s flag, how can he possibly get things done without the coordination, cooperation and support from each Barisan National component parties?  And being Barisan Nasional’s people representative, Nazri actually made such statement which clearly shows his disrespect towards the other Barisan Nasional’s leaders, this is what disappointed us a lot.

Oh Tong Keong stated in a press statement to urge each Barisan Nasional leaders to stand together and prepare for the upcoming General election now and not cause any unnecessary harm to other Barisan Nasional’s component party.




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