Gerakan disagree to the proposal to increase water tariff Press statement by Dr Cheah Soon Hai, Gerakan head of central bureau on environment, safety and quality of life and Derga State Assemblyman

In responds to the proposal by SPAN CEO, Dato’ Teoh Yen Hua on increasing the water tariff by 10% to 15% every 3 years to curb the problem of Non-Revenue Water (“NRW”), Gerakan head of central bureau on environment, safety and quality of life, Dr Cheah Soon Hai disagree to the idea of passing the burden to the consumer.

According to the report from the SPAN CEO, Dato’ Teoh Yen Hua, the factors which lead to the high percentage of NRW are pipeline leakages, theft of water, and running down of water meter and reservoir detector etc. Cheah said, these problems are the water supply companies' problems, they should solve their own problems and not pass the cost to the consumers. The companies have been collecting payments from the consumers all these years for the water supply, how can they be unable to settle their own problem? To put it simply, the cause of high percentage in NRW is not the fault of the public, it is unfair and unreasonable to make the public pay for the incompetence of the water supply companies.

Cheah, who is also Derga State Assemblyman, said it is reasonable if the increase in water tariff is to curb the issue of water wastage, but the water price for the basic need should not be increased. He also said water is a necessity in life, it is also a basic human right to have water supply. Increasing water bill by 10% to 15% every 3 years is going to cause burden to the public, especially the low income group. Instead of increasing the water price so abruptly, Cheah suggests that SPAN should work out on a proper tariff to ensure that water is affordable and at the meantime, curb water wastage problem by increasing the water tariff for the excessive water consumed beyond the basic level.




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