Gerakan welcomes additional 500 scholarships offered by the 1MDB Dr Dominic Lau: Priority should be given to students from poor family background

Gerakan Youth today welcomes the government’s decision to give additional 500 scholarships through 1MDB to excellent students who failed in their previous attempt to apply for PSD scholarship.

Gerakan Youth Secretary General Dr Dominic Lau said that he attended a meeting called by Minister Dato' Seri Nazri which is regarding the PSD scholarship issue today with Gerakan Vice President Dato' Mah Siew Keong. The meeting was attended by political leaders from Barisan Nasional component parties to discuss on the allocation of the 1MDB scholarship.  Based on the information, students who applied for Public University courses will be getting RM7500 whilst those studying Science and Technology courses in Local Private Colleges will be getting RM15,000, whereas arts and business students are getting RM10,000 each.

Dr Dominic Lau said, students who met the 3 basic requirements set by the government for the application which are (1) minimum 8A+ and above; (2) family monthly income below RM5,000; and (3) not offered any other scholarships will be entitled to apply for the scholarship without needing to go through interview.  Once every eligible 8A+ students have obtained the scholarships, 1MDB may open the application for students with 7 A+.  In this case, Gerakan urges the government to give priority and special consideration to those from poor family background, especially those from the rural areas with parents who are not professionals, after all, it is uneasy these students who are lacking in many ways compared to students from wealthy families to be the top scorers.

Dr Dominic Lau said, producing talented human resource is one of the most important responsibility of a government, therefore, BN government should be given support and compliments for showing their effort and sincerity in this aspect.




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