Gerakan urges schools to tighten security Press statement by Dr Cheah Soon Hai, Gerakan head of central bureau on environment, safety and quality of life Derga State Assemblyman

Gerakan head of central bureau on environment, safety and quality of life, Dr Cheah Soon Hai expresses his concern and dismay over the recent case involving an eight year old girl being raped at the washroom in the school compound during a wedding dinner.

Dr Cheah said, the uncalled for incident has sent a very strong message that the security of our society is already at an alarming stage, even the school is no longer safe.  It would be naïve and idealistic to be hoping that the society could be any safer and secure, there is nothing much we can do but to further tighten security measures at every possible places to prevent such unwanted incidences from happening.

Dr Cheah Soon Hai who is also Kedah Derga State Assemblyman said, “Now that we all are fully aware of the level of security of our society, adults should never let their children to wander around alone.  Every girl should be accompanied by someone be her parents or friends when they wish to go to the washroom.”

Dr Cheah hopes that the school management would increase the number of security guards in their schools and also to assign guards at various corners of the school compound especially nearby the toilet to ensure no strangers could enter the school compound easily without being noticed.  Safety issue should not be taken lightly as the uncalled for incident actually happened during an event participated by many, no one should take any chance when it comes to personal security because tragedy never sends warning before it happens. 




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