Safety measures needs to be improved at Childcare center, urged Jayanthi Press Statement by Jayanthi Devi Balaguru, Gerakan Wanita Secretary General

Gerakan Wanita Secretary General Jayanthi Devi Balaguru expresses her deepest sympathy and dismay upon the tragedy of a two year old girl found drowned in a bathtub at a childcare center’s washroom.  She also delivers her condolences to the parents of the child and urge all childcare centers in the nation to better its’ security measures to prevent the repetition of such tragedy.

Jayanthi said, most families are drawing double income, both parents are busy with work and are forced to leave their children under the custody of the childcare center during day time.  However, the occurrence of this incident has set a loud warning to the public, rising an issue of concern as to whether it is still safe for parents to send their children to childcare center.

Jayanthi said, “Some childcare center are under-staff due to cost cutting reason, there is bound to be situations where one staff has to take care of a few children at one time which is very worrying, because such act is literally putting a child’s safety at stake.  It is unethical for childcare centers to neglect the safety of children just to generate more profit because parents paid a considerable amount of fee to the childcare center hoping that their children are well taken care of.” 

Jayanthi who is also the Gerakan Wanita Chief of the Federal Territory is in the opinion that all the staff working in childcare center should be given proper and sufficient training to ensure the safety of the child.  A trained staff would be able to carry out necessary emergency rescue if the child is undergoing any complication or hit with an accident.  Apart from this, childcare centers should take all necessary safety precautions to ensure the safety of the center.

Jayanthi questioned, “why did the little girl enter into the washroom alone? What if there is a bathtub filled with water in the washroom?” All these are minor details which childcare staff should pay attention to.  Besides, childcare staff should ensure that all dangerous items should be kept away from children, including items with sharp ends and dangerous toys. 

Jayanthi also said, “besides improving the safety measures of childcare centers, not only should local government monitor the childcare center closely but also enforce strict regulation and spot check on these childcare centers regularly.  There is no use crying over spilt milk and it is meaningless to regret after something bad has occurred. I believe that the rate of accidents at these childcare centers could be significantly reduced if the related authority regulates the centers more efficiently.” 

Finally, Jayanthi urges all childcare centers to ensure the safety of each child and never compromise the safety of a child just for the sinful extra profit. 




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