Tackle road accident issue as Festive season is around the corner, urged Gerakan Press statement by Dr Cheah Soon Hai, Gerakan Environment, Security & Quality of Life Bureau Chief

Gerakan Environment, Security & Quality of Life Bureau Chief, Dr Cheah Soon Hai today expresses his concern over the repetition of severe road accident that often happens at the highway.  He also said that usually these accidents involve commercial vehicles like busses or lorries.

“Hari Raya Puasa is just around the corner, meaning there will be a lot of cars traveling on the highway to balik kampong for the festive season, and it is crucial that the authority carry out the necessary action to minimize unwanted tragedy,” said Dr Cheah.  He urges JPJ to strengthen their operation by carrying out roadblocks to check on commercial vehicle drivers on the road to ensure that they are fit to drive.

Dr Cheah Soon Hai who is also Kedah Derga State Assemblyman said “it is found that quite a considerable number of commercial vihicle drivers who are either too tired or too sleepy to drive, some even on drugs, this creates very high risks to other road users who abide by the law.”

He urges all industry players to be careful in selecting drivers and to ensure that their drivers are healthy and conscious enough to drive before sending them off the road.  He also suggests that there should be at least two drivers per trip so that the one driving could be kept company as well as having a substitute whenever the main driver is tired.




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