Students jumping off school building has turned into a trend Gerakan Youth urges MOE to set up a special task force committee to find solution Press statement by Gerakan Youth Secretary General Dr Dominic Lau

Gerakan Youth Secretary General, Dr Dominic Lau today urges the Ministry of Education to set up a special task force committee to identify the root course of the trend of students jumping off school building and to find out a long term preventive measure to handle this issue, especially bettering the counseling system in school in order to avoid such trend from worsening.  Gerakan Youth is willing to be part of the committee to help the Ministry of Education to resolve this problem. 

Dr Dominic was referring to the news involving a 13 year old secondary school girl who jumped off the building when he made the above statement.  He also expresses his deepest sympathy to the family of the school girl. 

Dr Dominic pointed out that there has been a number of recurrences of students jumping off school buildings over the past few months which seems to have become a trend.  The students nowadays could not cope with daily life pressure and many would imitate suicide cases by choosing to end their life whenever they meet with obstacles in life. 

Dr Dominic said, “Many parents are worried about the security of their children at school as more and more students chose to jump off the school building to end their lives.”  The school must come up with an effective measure to solve this problem.  Teachers should also pay more attention to problematic students and provide necessary counseling to students whenever appropriate so that students are given a channel to speak out their personal problems as well as unleash their tension.  All these are methods to prevent students from attempting suicide to resolve problems.”  

“Early this year, Gerakan Youth had urged the government to allocate some funds to schools to construct safety grills around the alley of those multi storey school buildings for the purpose of improving the safety and security of the school to prevent students from jumping off buildings.  We regret to see that no action has been taken by the related authority at all and the Ministry of Education seems to be taking this issue very lightly, which we believe is one of the reasons the same scenario keeps on recurring,” he added. 

Dr Dominic also pointed out that students should try to find the right channel to speak up or resolve their problems whenever they are disturbed or feel pressured, killing oneself is the last thing that should appear in their mind.  Dr Dominic again urges the Ministry of Education as well as the schools to find a proper solution to prevent such tragedy from repeating itself so that all parents can have peace of mind.




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