Gerakan urges open tender for all levels of government procurement Mah: Stop the wasteful practice Press statement by Gerakan Vice President Dato’ Mah Siew Keong

The Auditor-General Report for 2010 that have been released recently has rated most ministries and government departments as “excellent” in their financial management. However it also pointed out some startling shortcomings at the same time. Dato’ Mah Siew Keong, the Vice President of Gerakan today has called for immediate and stern action to be taken against those ministries and government departments who incurred in such wasteful practice as reported.

Dato’ Mah said that the public cannot tolerate such wasteful practice by the government, such phenomenon has been happening every year as revealed by the Auditor-General Report. Some confounding mistakes such as overpaid by the Marine Parks Department on Marine Binoculars for RM 56,350 or 2,805% higher than the market price of RM 1, 940 and RM 11,485 or 246% more for a laptop and a color printer although their market price was RM 3,428 and the items that were supplied was only worth RM 2,137.

Gerakan is disappointed with the wasteful practice by the ministries and government departments as reported because such phenomenon has been occurring in every year and made the headlines in most of the mainstream newspapers whenever the report was delivered to the parliament and the public. Gerakan wanted to question what kind of actions have been taken to punish the culprit behind this wasteful practice. Gerakan feels that we should reduce the government deficit and so would like to urge the government to have an open tender system for all levels of government procurement in order to get a cheaper and reasonable price.

Dato’ Mah Siew Keong, who is also the Gerakan National Economic Bureau Chairman had reinstated that such phenomenon of wasteful practice among ministries and government departments is happening every year and the people can no longer accept. Thus Dato’ Mah had urged the government to adopt an open tender system for all government levels and for a better procurement management in the public sector.




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