Success in challenging unconstitutional UUCA Dr. Dominic: Abolishment of UUCA possible Press Statement by Gerakan Youth Secretary General Dr. Dominic Lau

Gerakan Youth Secretary General Dr. Dominic Lau said that the ruling made by the Court of Appeal today which overthrown the Kuala Lumpur High Court decision made last year September had adjudicated that University Kebangsaan Malaysia using Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA) in dealing with 4 Political Science undergraduates who were accused to have participated in the by-election of Hulu Selangor is a move that is in accordance with the constitution. The reason behind the benchmark ruling by the Court of Appeal is because the Article 15 (5) of UUCA which permeates public university to take action against the undergraduates is in violation to the constitution and freedom of speech. Gerakan Youth who has been offering full assistance and support to these undergraduates is pleased with the ruling made by the Court of Appeal, whilst congratulating the four on their successful appeal in challenging the UUCA that has been denying the freedom of university students to join politics.

“In conjunction with the abolishment of Internal Security Act (ISA)announced by the government, it is also the right time for the government to gradually abolish some of the Acts that are not suitable in the present time which includes the UUCA, because Articles within UUCA are obsolete and no longer relevant, we have to make adjustment according to our time. Undergraduates are the future leaders of the country, we should not deny the freedom of speech, assembly and association,” said Dr. Dominic Lau.

In this regard, Dr. Dominic Lau said that Gerakan Youth will try its best in conveying its’ will to repeal UUCA to the government and continue to move towards the direction of attaining freedom in political participation for undergraduates.




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