Heed PM's action and ignore Ultras' voices, Gerakan Press statement by Gerakan deputy secretary-general and Member of Parliament for Simpang Renggam, Liang Teck Meng

All Barisan Nasional leaders must take heed of the Prime Minister’s good gesture in honoring his pledge and ignoring ultras' voices to punish the Chinese community for their lack of support for the BN in the recent Hulu Selangor parliamentary by-election.  

Gerakan deputy secretary-general Liang Teck Meng said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak didn’t say many words “but action speaks louder.” 

“We hope others would stop doing a disservice to the PM and his 1Malaysia initiative. All must work hard as a team to serve and win back the people’s trust and support, particularly the Chinese community,” said Liang in a statement. 

Liang, who is also Member of Parliament for Simpang Renggam, said since Najib became PM about a year ago, he has honoured most of his promises and pledges. “What Najib said, he would put it into action. There is no empty talk,” Liang said. 

He said Najib’s assurance that no community in the country would be sidelined also reflected his commitment for 1Malaysia. 

“The lack of support by the Chinese community for the Barisan Nasional in the Hulu Selangor by-election should not be used against the community. It is more important for the BN to find ways to convince the community that only the BN can take care of their interests,” said Liang. 

Liang said Najib also made good his promise made during the by-election to give a RM3m allocation to SRJK© Rasa for the construction of its new building. 

Liang said the BN had shown the way that it was important to fulfill pledges and promises made to the people.  

During the presentation of the cheque yesterday, Najib had expressed the hope for cooperation and support from the Chinese community. “I do not want the pledge we made to be questioned. This allocation is a sincere gesture to the Chinese community,” said Najib.




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