Stop the "Unjust Scheme" , Gerakan Press statement by A. Kohilan, Gerakan vice-president, Selangor Gerakan chairman and central bureau chiefon government administration affairs

Gerakan vice-president A. Kohilan has urged the authorities concerned to conduct an indepth probe into revelations that Petaling Jaya Municipal Council directors and deputies are among council staff owning low-cost flats for the poor.  

He said for transparency and accountability, the findings of the probe should be made public.  

Describing the revelations as “unjust & unacceptable”, Kohilan said low-cost flats built for the poor should be rightfully allocated to them and not for others to make money. 

“The poor should not be deprived of their rightful shelter and to allow those with household income of more than RM2,500 a to own a low-cost flat is definitely unjust and unacceptable,” he said in a statement. 

Kohilan, who is also the party’s bureau chief on government administration affairs, said if it is true that previously there are schemes that permit such "unjust practices", then they ought to be stopped immediately. 

He said the “wrong should be righted” and the Petaling Jaya Municipal Council should take measures to rectify the situation by returning those low cost units to their rightful owners, i.e. the poor, and prevent recurrence of such” unjust enrichment practices". 

Any loophole in the law or regulations concerning eligibility to buy low-cost homes should also be plugged, he added. 

The revelations were highlighted by the Sun newspaper on Friday 




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