Gerakan welcomes landmark decision for orang asli Press statement by Dr Asharuddin Ahmad, head of Gerakan central bureau on unity

Gerakan has hailed the RM6.5mil landmark settlement in the federal court yesterday involving 26 orang asli families, who had their land snatched away to make way for a highway. 
Gerakan head of central bureau on unity, Dr Asharuddin Ahmad said justice, although a bit delayed, was more than “welcomed.”

He said it was crucial to respect and recognize orang asli’s right to customary lands.

Asharuddin also proposed that at this time of age, efforts to amend the Aboriginal Peoples Act to limit compensation and size of land ownership should involve all parties concerned have more consultation to ensure the interest of all parties are well protected. 

The apex court had ordered the Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) to pay members of the Temuan tribe who were forced to leave their homes when the Nilai-Banting Highway was constructed in 1995.

LLM was ordered to pay the settlement to the Temuan tribe, who were living in the Bukit Tampoi area, when their land was forcibly taken.




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