Remove BTN deputy chief, Gerakan Youth Press statement by Gerakan Youth secretary-general Dr Dominic Lau

Gerakan Youth today slammed National Civics Bureau (BTN) deputy director Hamim Husin for making derogatory references against fellow Malaysians like "si mata sepet" and "si  botol", saying such remarks were uncalled for, unwarranted and mischievous.

Calling for his removal from his post, Gerakan Youth secretary-general Dr Dominic Lau said Hamim’s myopic views were most disturbing and certainly would not help to promote PM Datuk Seri Najib's vision of 1Malaysia.

“His open and blatant demeaning descriptions of  fellow Malaysians run counter to PM Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s all-inclusive 1Malaysia concept which is supposed to be propagated to participants at the BTN camps,” said Lau in a statement. 

Lau reiterated Gerakan Youth's call for a revamp of BTN courses, especially its training modules to make it more in tune with 1Malaysia spirit.

“There were many complaints by participants that the courses were indoctrination programmes, outdated, racist, divisive and seditious in nature and should be changed. The recent "ugly incident" has once again reinforced the serious shortcomings of BTN,” Lau added.

In his speech to Umno Puteri, Hamim had proclaimed that the rights of the Malays was to rule the country, urging the community to unite to defend their rights.

“The rights of Malays is to rule the country. Simple. Malays must unite in the face of threats,” he told the delegates in a closed-door function on Sunday.




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