Press Statement by YB Dato’ Tan Lian Hoe Gerakan National Wanita Chief Deputy Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Each Price Reduction Counts

Gerakan National Wanita Chief, YB Dato’ Tan said today that it is important to protect the interests of consumers (consumer welfare) and ensuring that suppliers ( manufacturers and traders ) remain competitive in the market place.

The ministry is calling for consumers and traders to participate actively in the price reduction campaign. The deputy minister said that ‘each price reduction counts, so that every Ringgit spent is value for money’.

YB Dato’ Tan said in a press conference today after the Gerakan National Wanita Central Committee meeting, that under the current economic landscape, achieving competitive equilibrium price for consumer goods would be ideal and helpful to the Malaysian public.

‘The Global Financial Crisis is like a contagion so severe, and it is most likely to aggravate in the second half of the year. We have to help the people to achieve self-help, and we hope that all sectors cooperate with the ministry to survive the economic winter’ said YB Dato Tan.

This is in line with the objective of a series of campaigns on price reduction that the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs will be carrying out in the near future, where market price will be determined by the consumer and demand, ie the market force.

The rising unemployment rate, escalating cost of living and inflation under the stormy economic weather are of the government’s concern. ‘It is the ministry’s priority to help the people. We call upon all manufacturers, traders; and consumers to play a proactive role within the market environment.’ added the deputy minister.

YB Dato’ Tan assured that the ministry will continue to engage the suppliers of the market (ie manufacturers and traders) to ensure that their voices will continue to be heard.




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