DAP should stop PAS plays up racial sentiment, Gerakan Press statement by Teng Chang Yeow, Gerakan Secretary General

Gerakan has urged DAP to stop PAS from playing with sensitive matters like the issues surrounding conversions and religion for selfish political agenda, and instead should push for a consistent and common PAKATAN RAKYAT’s stand on the conversion issue.

Gerakan Secretary General Teng Chang Yeow said BN had handled this sensitive conversion issue with the needs and interests of the people as its paramount consideration. “Unfortunately, DAP, PAS and PKR in this case have put the interest of their party above the interests of the rakyat.”

DAP’s Lim Kit Siang told media that DAP welcomed the cabinet’s decision, but pressed the BN government to amend the federal constitution. While Pas lambasted the cabinet decision as a political decision to win back support from the non-Muslims, PKR chose to play safe by focusing on the custody of children only.

“Why DAP allowed PAS playing religious card? What is PR stand on this issue? The people have a right to know if PR is on the same page as the cabinet on this issue.” Teng asked.

Teng said Lim Kit Siang, “who always criticizes BN component parties to commit on all issues, so DAP must practice what is preaches. Otherwise, their so-called people centric ideology is nothing more than a hollow promise.”




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