Have more child protection awareness campaigns, Gerakan Press statement by Wanita Gerakan Secretary-General Jayanthi Devi Balaguru

The government should hold more children protection awareness campaigns, and courses on parental guidance in view of the increasing number of child abuse cases in the country, said Wanita Gerakan Secretary-General Jayanthi Devi Balaguru.

She said it was disturbing to see children being abused by their own parents because of problems faced by the parents.

“Prevention is more important. Once a child is abused, the stigma and scars will remain permanently with the child even after he grows up,” said Jayanthi in a statement.

She said any proposed amendments to the present laws governing child protection should conform with modern time practices.

Jayanthi proposed that officers from the Welfare Department make regular visits to homes, when they received complaints of child abuses taking place.  
“More attention should be paid on working single parents, especially when they have just recovered from the setbacks of being separated from their spouses,” she said.

She also urged the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry to work closely with non-government organizations to tackle the problem of child abuses.

It was reported in the newspapers yesterday that a five-year-old abuse victim who was rescued from his home would be placed in a welfare home for a month pending investigations.

The Court of Children granted the 30-day interim custody order to the Welfare Department. The mother, who was present in court, would be allowed supervised visits during the boy’s stay at the department’s shelter for children.




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