BN now at a crossroad, Gerakan Press Statement by Oh Tong Keong Gerakan National Youth Deputy Chairman Penang Gerakan State Youth Chairman

Barisan Nasional is now at a crossroad and every component party should work harder in serving the people within the party and the coalition to meet the challenges ahead, said Gerakan National Youth Deputy Chairman Oh Tong Keong.

In a statement, Oh said all component parties should focus on getting the people’s support, and all leaders and members should go down to the grassroots to meet the people and find out their aspirations.

He said it was timely for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to call on all BN component parties to stop being only “fair weather” friends and should stick together in good and rough times.

At the PPP’s 56th annual general assembly on Monday, Najib also said BN component party leaders should work in unison at all times to strengthen the coalition and not bank on previous achievements and sentiments alone.

“We must make changes and cannot continue practicing the business-as-usual approach. We must realize that people are demanding changes,” said Najib.

Oh, however, urged Najib, who is BN chairman, to see to it that all component parties operate on the same platform that “their common enemy is Pakatan Rakyat.” 
He said the solidarity among BN component parties was still intact, as each component party could understand that BN was formed on the same ideology and struggles.

“We have been together for so many years and the coalition has seen ups and downs which is natural,” Lim said, adding the important thing is for all component parties to stick together, work hard and push for reforms within the BN in sync with the changing times and aspirations of the people.




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