Gerakan Youth condemns ‘bomb’ attack Gerakan Youth secretary-general Dr Dominic Lau

Gerakan Youth hopes the culture of using threats or any form of violence would not become the norm of the day in our society.

Condemning the attack on an official vehicle belonging to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), Youth secretary-general Dr Dominic Lau said it was a challenge against the law.

Lau also hoped the attack would not deter the MACC, particularly its investigating officers, to slow down their work. 

“In fact, faced with this challenge, MACC and its staff should be more resolute and vigilant in carrying out their duties and work so as regain credibility and public confidence, without fear or favour,” said Lau.

Lau said the trouble maker or makers should be brought to book as soon as possible. 
“We do not condone any form of violence. We hope the police will be able to make arrest soon,” he said in a statement, adding the rule of law must prevail and no one is above the law. 

The official car belonging to Klang branch was partially damaged following a Molotov attack early Thursday.

Klang police chief ACP Mohamad Mat Yusop said six Molotov cocktails were hurled at the car parked near the office building and the attack was believed to be the work of more than one person.




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