Gerakan ticks off DAP for failing to defend non-Bumi rights on matriculation quota issue

GEORGE TOWN: Gerakan has slammed DAP for failing to defend non-Bumiputra rights in the pre-university matriculation programme quota issue.

It’s vice-president, Oh Tong Keong, said the fact that the Pakatan Harapan government had agreed to maintain the 90 per cent quota for Bumiputera students in the matriculation programme, was due to failure by DAP to assist more non-Bumiputeras to enter in the programme.

He said Education Minister Maswzlee Malik’s statement linking the matriculation quota to language requirements for job opportunities was uncalled for.

“Besides that, PPBM (Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia) leaders have, on numerous occasions, insulted non-Bumiputeras, especially the Chinese, but DAP kept quiet over it.

“Where are they ? Why is there silence? Why did they not stand up and defend the rights of the non-Bumiputeras?” Oh said at Gerakan’s Remembering and Honouring Veteran Members Ceremony at its headquarters, here, today.

It was reported that Maszlee had defended the matriculation programme’s preference for Bumiputera students, saying those calling for the pre-university course to be opened to other races should also then address the unfair job market dominated by a particular race.

The comments saw the Simpang Renggam member of parliament on the receiving end of criticism, with calls made for him to be removed as the education minister.

A petition was also initiated to have Maszlee replaced.

Despite this, local public universities have backed him over his remarks.

The Cabinet agreed to increase the student intake into the pre-university matriculation programme to 40,000 from the present 25,000.

However, the quota system which allocates 90 per cent of seats to Bumiputeras and the remainder to non-Bumiputeras will remain unchanged.





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