Gerakan Wanita disagrees with the reintroduction of corporal punishment in school Datuk Ng Siew Lai: Improve school counselling service as a better option Press statement by Gerakan Wanita Deputy Chief Datuk Ng Siew Lai

In referring to the National Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) president Datuk Mohd Ali Hassan’s suggestion to reintroduce the corporal punishment in school, Gerakan Wanita Deputy Chief Datuk Ng Siew Lai is disagree with the suggestion to authorise all teachers the permission to carry out the punishment as she feels that it is not an appropriate way to address the surge of discipline problems in school.

Datuk Ng believes that discipline and good order can be introduced and maintained in the schools without the unnecessary application of demeaning violent treatment on children and youth. She holds that corporal punishment in school is a practice that breeds hostility and resentment which is detrimental to the psychological development of the teenagers.

“It is the conclusion of the Society for Adolescent Medicine USA, that corporal punishment is an ineffective method of discipline and has major deleterious effects on the physical and mental health of those inflicted, there is no clear evidence that such punishment effectuates more discipline or better control in the classroom,” said Datuk Ng, who is also Penang Gerakan Wanita Chief.

Hence, Datuk Ng stressed that Gerakan Wanita repudiates the right of people to inflict unjustified pain and punishment on the children as we feel that corporal punishment is irrelevant and obsolete in present-day, therefore it is inapplicable to address the discipline problems in the school. We opine that it is always a better option to improve the school counselling services instead of readopting the rough and unconsultative approach in corporal punishment.




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