The root causes are on bus vehicle, driver and road condition H’ng urges to revamp and regulate the public transportation sector Press statement by Gerakan Youth Deputy Secretary General H’ng Chee Wey

Gerakan Youth urges government to revamp in few sectors such as bus companies, bus vehicles, bus drivers and road condition after referencing few public transportation accidents happened recently which involving death and personal injuries.

Gerakan Youth Deputy Secretary General, H’ng Chee Wey said previously public blamed bus company immediately when the accidents happened. There is no doubt that bus company plays an important role in this situation, but quality of bus, quality of bus driver and road condition also contribute to accidents.

He stated bus company is the public transportation service provider and of course it has vital responsibility to ensure the passengers to have a safety journey. He suggested government should penalize on those bus company who involved in an accidents such as cut off incentives, summon, and also raise the rate of taxes to government.

“Over speeding is the main factor to cause an accident. Some buses involved are under poor quality which is used a long period of time without maintenance,” he added.

H’ng Chee Wey, who is also Penang Gerakan Youth Secretary expressed government should set speed limit for bus from previously 90km/h to 80 km/h and provide incentives to bus company to change bus under certain used years.

“Over the years, it is not difficult to observe that a bus driver who has a rude driving attitude, succumbed to drugs abuse and under the influence of alcoholism will be the main accident perpetrator. Some cases show the bus driver even does not possess driving license,” he added.

H’ng Chee Wey, who is also Bukit Bendera BN Coordinator suggested the government should control the number of daily shift and also set up a record book to record attitude of the bus driver and the number of accidents involved in.

He also added poor road condition, confusing road signals and poor road lighting always pose a threat to the lives of the road users. To solve this problem, he suggested government strictly regulate the highway operator company to have a road maintenance project and set clear and non-messy road signals.




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